Point Leo House

A box within a box. The outer box shields and mediates the impact of the sun and wind on the inner inhabited box which is twisted, orientated to the site's view lines through the surrounding vegetation and out to the water. The interval between the inner and outer boxes provides a variety of external living spaces and furniture positions, allowing the occupants to enjoy their view and outdoor living year-round, either following or avoiding direct sun.

The Ground Floor bedrooms, bunk room, bathrooms, recreation, garage, utility and storage areas provide the beach house with spaces to accommodate these busy functions, enabling and supporting the free-flowing open plan of the First Floor's living, meals and kitchen areas. Sun path studies were used to refine the design and examine the penetration of sunlight into these First Floor spaces throughout the day and through each season.

 The house is  supported by a number of environmentally sensitive/sustainable systems which include moveable sun screening, double glazing, extensive insulation and building sealing, solar electricity, LED lighting, rain water collection and worm farm on-site waste treatment.

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