Sacre Coeur

The proposed new Learning Commons Building will work as a keystone of both the campus and the general learning community. It will provide critical physical infrastructure for Sacre Coeur’s innovative practice and leading edge programs. The building is being designed to augment

and support Sacre Coeur’s creative use of space and to provide flexible and adaptive areas that address current capacity needs. It provides the core framework to allow for future change. The spaces in the Learning Commons Building will provide both physical and

instructional linkages across the campus to create a network of integrated learning communities; bringing together science, technology, engineering, creative arts, and mathematics. It will encourage students to pursue their learning passions with all of these options available and

integrated rather than in separate silos. Throughout the building are different learning space options which encourage small groups to breakout and to provide opportunities for collaborations. The entire top level of the building provides the whole school with flexible options.

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