Westbourne Grammar School - Amici Early Learning Centre

The new Amici Early Learning Centre caters for children from 0 to 5 years old. The project has been designed as a chain or caravan of buildings aranged in a linked circle to create a free environment around a central Piazza which inspires and connects the various learning spaces for the different ages.

The central outdoor space of the Piazza offers interconnected learning while the particular individual play spaces that fan out from each of the rooms for the different ages of children offer large and expansive alternative outdoor play and learing areas. The rooms each have a variety of different spaces

at different scales within a flowing open plan. Careful attention was given to the acoustic qualities of each of the spaces within the building. Windows, window seats, and doors on both sides of each room, to the Piazza at the front and to the alternative outdoor play spaces to the rear, allow for the

children to visually connect with and move between inside and outside, and provide appropriate scale to the spaces and moderated natural light and ventilation.

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